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Are you tired of working for someone else? Sick of taking home only a small fraction of the money? While the guy you work for makes all the profit.  Becoming a Counteri dealer is easier than you think, it’s rewarding and we remove all the guesswork to successfully manage your business.

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The Counteri Way

Low Investment

Higher Profit Margins

Operate From Home

Proven Process

On The Go Technology

Expert Support

Proprietory Epoxy

Turn-Key Marketing

Set Your Own Schedule

Our five day training is led by expert epoxy artisans, who provide our dealers with all the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful Counteri business.

You can expect ongoing operational support from our Dealer Support Center, To ensure you have the direction, knowledge and support needed to scale your business.

Our marketing team does most of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on making happy customers and creating beautiful countertops and happy customers. We will educate and empower you to market like a pro!

You’ll learn how to lead with unique selling propositions, value with home owners and B2B partners.


Media Recognition from HGTV

Counter Intelligence has a team of highly skilled artisans that can make every countertop look like a masterpiece and will train you to do precisely that for your customers. Every piece of work we do is one of a kind so that every client feels as though they’re having a work of art as a fixture in their home or business. Our counters are individually designed to complement the space they’re in while having a durable and easily repaired surface. Our epoxy can be made to look like stone, wood, metal, or any unique styling the customer requests. Our counters’ quality, quick efficiency, and affordability make us the perfect fit for all homes and multiple kinds of establishments creating a great range of potential clientele.  

When looking for a low-risk investment there is no better option than Counter Intelligence. 


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Licensed Dealer FACTS

The initial licensed dealer fee is $35,000 and the minimum estimated cost is $20,000 – $50,000 based upon individual packages.

Counter Intelligence offers licensed dealers more than just a product that sells itself.

We offer a multitude of benefits that include but are not limited to allowing licensed dealers to be their own boss, a simple operating structure to replicate, a competitive advantage with customer satisfaction, and years of experience in the industry.

Counter Intelligence has identified its desired traits for our licensed dealers as being skilled in entrepreneurship, customer service oriented, adaptable to changes, and passionate about a quality product.

If you want a clear view of success in your future, then joining Counter Intelligence team of licensed dealers is the perfect first step.