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Why choose Epoxy Countertops?
January 11, 2023
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Why A Counteri Epoxy Countertop is a 100% Unique Piece of Art

Why A Counteri Epoxy Countertop is a 100% Unique Piece of Art

"Using Epoxy, you can have the most original and unique countertop"

Fingerprints, snowflakes, and Counteri epoxy countertops. These 3 things share something in common, and that is their unique, one of a kind, look. That’s because every one of our epoxy counters are a one of a kind piece of art created with your vision in mind.

When you’re interested in getting a stone countertop put into your kitchen, regardless if it’s granite, marble, or quartz, you must source the stone. This entails going around to different stone yards and examining each piece in the hopes of finding the look you’re trying to achieve. Often even making sacrifices and choosing a slab that is “close enough”. 

Your Countertops can be a work of Art

When you choose Counteri, you’re choosing the freedom to create your counters to be exactly what you envisioned. That means you get the style of stone you want, with the exact colors you’re looking to bring into the space. The best part is not having to waste your time running around looking for the perfect slab, and then having to pay for all of it even if your space only requires a portion of it.

Natural stone can often come with highlights of color such as blue, and this sky rockets the cost for the slab due to it’s rarity. But with a Counteri countertop we can add in those realistic subtle highlights for no extra cost.

The colors you choose are not limited to those you will find out in nature, we can add in any color that fits your design. This makes it possible to take any color you might have on the walls or in your decor and match it for your counters. Talk about taking your interior design to a whole new level. 

Every one of our epoxy counters are poured with care by one of our talented artists. No two epoxy pours can ever turn out the same, even if you chose the same style and colors. This makes every single piece we make highly unique, ensuring no one else out there will have the same looking counters as you. 

In conclusion, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to picking out your next countertops, but going with an epoxy countertop gives you a truly beautiful piece of art that you helped create.